Our Success Stories

Before: 208 Lbs.   After: 153 Lbs.

Beverly Hills has given me a new lease on life. I've not only lost weight but have gained stamina, energy, motivation and endurance to achive all the goals I set for myself. I'm living a NEW healthy lifestyle, I feel great and look forward to waking up each morning. Thanks guys, you are doing an amazing job!

Loraine Randell

Before: 194 Lbs.   After: 140 Lbs.

I've tried other weight loss programs, but always felt hungry. The Beverly Hills program kepts me full and feeling more energetic while losing the weight. They have a great staff that offered me alot of encouragement. Thanks Beverly Hills for a happier, thinner me!

Deanna Albrecht

Before: 192 Lbs.   After: 165 Lbs.

The Beverly Hills Weight Management program "Worked for me" and I feel great! The staff was extremely supportive and motivating. The grocery store bought foods make it easy to prepare nutritous meals. Thanks Beverly Hills!

Al Laurin

Before: 196 Lbs.   After: 140 Lbs.

I would not hesitate to recommend B.H.W.C. I am especially grateful for the support, encouragement and advice from the Consultants. As my weight came down my confidence and self-esteem went "up". It is so exciting to buy new clothes and like the reflection I see in the mirror.

Janice Lippert


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